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The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine

By Prof. M.Yaşar İşcan Ph. D. Istanbul University, BAFS Member the.human.skeleton.in.forenic.medicineThis classic in forensic anthropology has been thoroughly updated and greatly expanded for the new Third Edition. The result presents the state of the medicolegal art of investigating human skeletal remains. The third edition follows more than 25 years after the second edition. During this time, considerable changes occurred in the field and Forensic Anthropology became a distinct specialty in its own right. Included in the book are detailed discussions on crime scene investigation, including excavation techniques, time interval since death, human or animal remains, mass graves, and preparation of remains.

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Title of the University book: FORENSIC MEDICINE

Authors Agim RAMADANI & Sabri HOXHA are both authors of this scientific work; the book aims to unify the texts in the field of forensic medicine. Thus, the design of the material is performed equally between authors.


University students, specialized and postgraduate students of the medical and justice profile, as well as them of the police academy in their professional preparation of various programs in the above-mentioned fields, have the necessary of the acquisition of the basic knowledges in the field of forensic science, which form the basis of medical and investigation training.

The text in your hands, Forensic Medicine is composed of twelve chapters, which include basic knowledge of medical investigation. In this text are treated in detail pathomorphological changes in almost all regions of the human body, starting from forensic traumatology, in which we have tried to attend in detail the damages of body from firearms and explosive devices. Mainly, in detail are treated and analyzed injuries of the head, the features and the mechanisms which cause these injuries. Also, a special place in this scientific work occupied the problems of mechanical asphyxia, lesions from other types of physical energy, chemical energy lesions, forensic expertise of persons, forensic thanatology, forensic expertise of material evidences, forensic expertise based on materials of matters (cases), medical deontology and responsibility of medical personnel.

This text is drawn in the context of unification of almost of all the textbooks in the field of forensic medicine. The text is the result of several years research work in the relevant institutions of forensic medicine and several years experience in the field of teaching at the State University of Tetovo and Tirana. This book also intended to illustrate with the pictures, almost all the acute forensic problems, in order to facilitate the research work and the forensic concepts to the graduate and postgraduate students.